Eco Hotel

About Us

Eco Hotels is the world's first carbon neutral premium value hotel brand of its kind. The vision of the group is to create a £1 billion premium value hotel brand that supports sustainable living without compromising on the standards of hospitality. Eco Hotels believes that all fine elements of hospitality can be delivered to a guest without causing harm to the planet. Eco Hotels have designed two brands which are specific to two market segments, The Eco and Ecolodge. These brands will stand for 'green hospitality' and has clear commitments on its green agenda, one that should re-define how other hotel operators run their businesses, and make its guests proud of being part of a responsible life style.

It is the intention of Red Ribbon, the founder of Ecolodge, to expand the Ecolodge brand into the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, Indian and China). This global expansion agenda is underpinned by a strategy to start the roll- out in a country that is driven by sheer demand, India. India currently has less hotel rooms than Greater New York.

Rapid footprint expansion is required for the brand's success by establishing Eco Hotels as a nationwide presence in India. In order to achieve this, Red Ribbon is setting up what it believes to be India's first'full fit-out' steel modular buildings factory in Indapur, near Pune, Maharashtra. The proposed factory will be designed to produce 2,000 hotel rooms per annum, which will translate into twenty 100-room hotels per annum.

The roll-out plan for the brand in India is 10,000 rooms by 2020. The first Ecolodge was opened in June 2012 in Cochin, Kerala – a state in India renowned for its tourism and natural beauty. Eco Hotels India Private Limited (or ‘Company’) has the exclusive master franchise for India for the brands The Eco and Ecolodge Hotels.

Being Green

Sustainability will be manifested in both the property and operations. The operations of the hotel will be driven by communication to guests on the need for austerity in the usage of water, reduction of the impact of chemicals by decreasing use of laundry, and streamlining consumption of power used, wherever possible.

The brand will be pro-actively marketed as an eco-friendly brand and will have messages on sustainable development in its brochure and on all marketing literature. Consumers will be asked to provide patronage to a company that actively believes in an operation that offers a sustainable solution for their travel and accommodation needs.

Staff will be trained to pro-actively reduce any excesses, raise consumer and colleague awareness, utilise waste management and recycling programmes and control efficient use of water and energy consumption.

Ecolodge website will also allow guests to calculate their carbon footprint, not only for their stay at the hotel but also to take into account their travel to and from the Ecolodge. Guests will then have the choice to purchase carbon credits for all or part of their Ecolodge experience.